Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lookin' Extramarital, Lenox Coffee!

True story: I was bar tending at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA last night. There was a jovial bar crowd full of faces both new and familiar. One new face belonged to a pretty lady who leaned against the bar and made chit-chat with me while I mixed cocktails. It came up in conversation that she was new to the Berkshires, and that I work at Lenox Coffee (both details are important to this story). When she mentioned that she frequents Lenox Coffee, I informed her that I work there, and that I'm responsible for the fucking amazing phenomenon known as "Lookin' Good, Lenox Coffee!". Her face instantly blanched, and she said (I kid you not), "You are partially responsible for my divorce." After I gawked at her in a stupor, she elaborated that she had recently come to the Berkshires on a trip, in part to gain some distance from a less-than-exemplary marriage in Philadelphia. It turns out that the photo of her that appeared on Lookin' Good, Lenox Coffee! included her and a gentleman friend of hers. When her husband saw this photo, he flew into a jealous rage which led to the finalization of their divorce. So now I may add to my list of titles, which already includes barista, bar tender, writer, A-hole, and drunkard, the label "home-wrecker". Would you like your marriage to be torn asunder? Well then I recommend that you frequent my blogs! Even if I don't cause you to get a divorce, I'll surely fuck you up in someway or another. Destruction is just in my nature, it seems. I apologize in advance.

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Bethany said...

i didn't know i would receive such celebrity as to a reference on your blog mr. andrew flint! is this the celebrity to which you were referring i could claim if i wanted?