Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do You Like Pleasure?

Then meet me at 11:30 behind the Big Y. But if you're more of a "pants-on" kind of person, you should check out Mt. Eerie, formerly known as The Microphones, playing at the Copperworks in Pittsfield tonight, Wednesday Sept 24.

Independent musicians enjoy trees and hills and also fog because it reflects the emotional fog they feel inside.

Mt. Eerie almost certainly has a Myspace page or an official website. If I were a better blogger, I would include a link to it here.

Allow me to anticipate and answer some questions you might have:

Question: When and where is this show happening?
Answer: It starts at 8:00 PM at 34 North Pearl St in Pittsfield, MA.

Q: This is an "alcohol free" show. What does that mean?
A: It means take your rotgut moonshine somewhere else, you washed up old drunk.

Q: Why is a very famous musician playing at the Copperworks?
A: Because famous people, like migrating birds and certain types of whales, can sense the magnetic north using a special cerebral node. The Copperworks activates this node.

Q: Does it cost money to see the show?
A: Members of the press, such as myself, actually receive money and oral sex in exchange for attending events like this. But commoners like you will have to pay $7.

Q: Is it true that Jesus will no longer love me if I touch me wiener at night?
A: False. Jesus stopped loving you years ago.

Q: Where can I find information about this concert that isn't tinged by the biases and agendas of the radical right wing media?
A: At the Copperworks website, you freedom-hating liberal homosexual.

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