Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Survived The Apocalypse!

Friends! This is a most joyous day! What could have been the last day in the history of stuff turned out to just be Wednesday! You see, this morning scientists in Geneva tested a horrible death machine that could have annihilated the entire world. I woke up this morning expecting to look out my window and see a big black hole coming my way, or at least some strangelets lurking around. But nope. It wasn't dying time. It was sandwich time.

To learn more about why we aren't dead right now, read this.

It is clearly time for celebration. Here is a video of an excellent party at which nothing at all goes wrong.

"Celebrate good times COME ON!"
- Kool and the Gang

This officially ends the 413some's preoccupation with science and death. From here on out it's all about drinking and being fancy.

1 comment:

R.P. Bodge said...

everyone was soooo busy shouting "the roof, the roof THE ROOF IS ON FIRE!!!"
to notice the floor was about to cave in.