Monday, August 4, 2008

Drunk Fish in a Small Pond (Pond of Beer)

Fans, my internet fame has finally been recognized by more traditional forms of media. This past week I was featured on the hallowed pages of the Berkshire Eagle, a fine source of news serving the Berkshires and surrounding areas since 1891. Would you like to see a grainy, colorless version of the photograph in question? How silly of me to ask. Here it is.

This is what I look like when the paparazzi is all up in my grill. It's cool, though. I know how to maintain.

In this photo I am being incredibly charming while talking to a babe. This low resolution image (thanks a lot, pranksters at!) documents the time I went to Mission Bar and Tapas on North Street in beautiful Pittsfield. According the article featured in Berkshires Week, this hotspot features a "Spanish wine list of whites and reds, about five of each and reasonably priced from $5 to $7". I was unaware of this at the time, and ordered a Dubra on the rocks. JUSSA KEEDING!!! I drank lots of beer.

On another night I walked to the other side of North Street and attended the grand opening of Jae's Spice. They gave me free wine and sushi. It was the best night of my life. I also felt very popular because a lot of men talked to me. I think they mistook me for a homosexual.

Thank you, Pittsfield, for being everything a town can be!

Very special 413some thanks to Deja for submitting the Berkshire Eagle photo, and for staying calm and sexy when we got attacked by the paparazzi.


deja said...

this one is better! it was the one that was actually in the paper

pj said...

hahaha... bert and ernie.

anaïs nin[a] said...

this photo really confused me. i was like, why is there a picture of andrew in a mission bar in the berkshire eagle? and then i realized that the mission bar is actually in pittsfield! wow, it's a wormhole in the universe. the mission really is that cool.