Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meet Your Local Barista #2

This is Nathan.

Nathan has been working at Lenox Coffee since he was twelve. He is also amazing with the ladies. Nathan lost his virginity when he was six weeks old. What a stud. This is what Nathan looks like when he hold a motorcycle helmet with a flaming skull in it. Total stud.

Nathan is a Renaissance man. His hobbies include talking like Dane Cook and trimming his chin-strap beard like a Latino gangster. He is also a professional panther wrangler and lion fister. Nathan also enjoys hanging out with his very sexy girlfriend and drinking.


Anonymous said...

My oh my! What a great Barista that Nathan is. And damn...what an awesome motorcycle helmet! Where can I get one?

k. said...

he was also nicolas cage's inspiration in ghost rider?

swampyAssMonster said...

I like DICK

s. said...

he just undressed my dead gay son with his eyes