Monday, July 7, 2008

Join the 413some

Friends, this blog is for all of us. The young, the old (just kidding, old people are irrelevant), the gorgeous, the hideously disfigured (it's what's inside that counts, brohammer), and so on. Even Canadians are encouraged to enjoy 413some. Aside from being a place for me to post pictures of my drunk friends in that magical pre-morning-after-pill glow, I want to create a calendar of local events that might be of interest to you (me). So, if you know of anything interesting going on in or around the Berkshires, tell me. Got an art opening coming up? Is your totally sweet band playing at Dingus' Watering Hole in Hillsdale? Are you starring in a one man show written by an autistic, paraplegic Iraqi refugee with scrotal parasites? Email me at, and if it sounds phun (that's how hippies spell "fun"), I'll post it right here.

These people are young, and they have been drinking.

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