Monday, July 7, 2008

"I'm in Love With Massachusetts" - J. Richman

Quite a cultural weekend, indeed. First of all, JT performed at Tanglewood on the 4th. No, idiot, not Justin Timberlake! JAMES TAYLOR! I nearly queefed by britches out of excitement. And, as the golden icing on a platinum fucking cake, John (nee Juan) Travolta was there, too! Mom said that Paul McCartney was somehow involved as well, but I was too busy hanging out with the kewl kidz to pay attention. I only had one word on my mind that night. Fireworks! And drinking! Ok, two words. Put them together and you get Drinkingworks. Yeah it does.
There were also some exciting art openings this weekend. The very famous and very blowable Michael Zelehoski has a solo show up at the Park Row Gallery in Chatham. Saturday's opening was a veritable who's who of me and my mom and my friend Nina, along with some other people I didn't know. The art was 'tastic, and the artichoke dip was resplendent. Scope Mike's skillz at right here. He also has  a piece in a show at the Storefront Artist Project in Pittsfield (a gorgeous portrait of yours truly. Really more of a study of the archetypical male form. In other words, thank you Mike Z for making me look f'able), which also opened this Saturday. I'm not sure how long that'll be showing for, but it's worth checking out, and is located at Fenn and First. 

Hello, I am Mike Z. Just kidding, I'm Andrew. But this is what Mike Z looks like.
Mike Z
How the heck do I post hyperlinks and photos? Damn you, internet! I am going to make my own internet, and it will be way better in the following ways: easier for me to use, more funny videos of newscasters messing up on live tv, I will be famous on it, free mojitos.


s. said...

i lol'ed on myself

413some makes j. richman sound so ass-f'able.
yes it does.

tunabananas said...

mandrew go GET yourself some of that internet money!

yes you can, yesyoucan!

tis a true joy to hear your voice again.