Monday, July 7, 2008

Where Do You Get The Nerve?!?

It just occurred to me that some of you out there might take one look at this blog (which is slang for "big log", by the way) and say out loud to yourself, "Who is this Andrew character and where does he get the nerve to talk about having fun in the Berkshires? He is no authority on the subject. Surely he is ugly and has hepatitis. Let's harm him physically." Well to you I say *puts palms of hands against mouth and blows, creating hilarious fart sound*. 
To answer your question verbally, I can tell you that A) I grew up in the Berkshires and once almost ran for mayor of the Berkshires (my exploratory committee proved inconclusive). B) I am a very famous music video actor, and know more about fun and sexiness than your little nonfamous mind could ever hope to dream of processing. Don't believe me, eh? Well peep this. 

Warning: Sexiness of video may induce early labor in pregnant women, and may induce hilarity in the farcical notion of pregnant men. 

This is Yoav. He works for me.

Famous people like me often find themselves surrounded by babes. 
Here is a photo of me getting literally attacked by babes

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Coco Agnès said...

I don't believe you